Kinect Adventures

Kinect Adventures is one of the current video games for the Xbox 360 that utilizes kinect motion camera and is normally included as pack in game with the device.

This game was officially launched in Los Angeles at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2010. It is a collection of sports mini-games and five adventures and was established by Good Science Studio which is a division of the Microsoft Game Studio.


Kinect Adventures normally uses the full body motion to enable the player to easily participate in a variety of mini-games. Each mini-game usually lasts for approximately four minutes.

While most of these mini-games are normally co-operative in 2 player mode, the Riflex Ridge is a very competitive mini-game. At many occasions during the game, the Kinect’s RGB camera usually takes some photos that are then shown to the player and stored in a storage device. This is very essential since you as a player can download these photos to be viewed by others in social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The object of all these mini-games is to ensure that you acquire the highest number of the adventure pins that should be collected in various ways. These adventure pins are required to earn the player a medal which affects his progression in the game. The medals offered can be gold, bronze and platinum.

Pros of Kinect Adventures

The Game is fun to play: This is very good game that you can easily play on your own or with your friends and family if you wish. While playing this game, you can take some photos of the action shots or create videos on the fly of the adventures using body and voice commands.

You can also upload some of the scenes to Twitter and Facebook or just email to family or friends. For a social gathering or a party, you can use this game to get every person involved in sharing a very great time.

Installation is easy: As compared to the other types of games, the cost involved in installing the kinect adventures is quite cheap. Thus while opting for this type of game you need not to worry about the price too much.

No controller needed: In kinect adventures, you can easily play it by yourself since no controller is needed. Thus if you are looking for that game type that you can play by yourself, you should opt for the kinetic adventure. However, there are some demerits that are also present in kinect adventures.

Cons of Kinect Adventures

– A large distance is required between players and sensor.

– You must adapt to the interface as a player.

– Some of the players usually report a lag in the sensor recognition, while others claim that is not easily noticeable.

Since this game is offered in the package, you can thus begin gaming immediately. Make use of your body to experience adventures whilst travelling through the roaring rapids, doing some of the outer space exploration, navigating obstacles on the mountain peak or deep sea diving.

In conclusion, this game is a sure way that you can use to pass you time with lots of action. Try it now.