Awesome Magic Card Tricks

We all love to see magic and the way the magician perform. This is an art form that has been prevalent since time immemorial. Magical tricks are enthralling, interesting, humorous and amusing and we love it due to these reasons.

Magic card tricks are an important part of any magical show. The main reason why card tricks have retained their importance is due to the fact that they increase the interaction between the performer and the viewers. In spite of magical shows, they even form a fun thing to be done while with friends, on a small party and practicing a few of them can sure increase your social skills.

If you want to be a good magic card tricks performer, it is initially required to train yourself as it is not an easy task. You have to perform the trick with ease and fast paced so that you are able to hold the attention of the audience. Breaking the flow of the performance can lead to your trick getting caught. Practicing in front of a mirror can help you in this regard. Make sure that you never go in front of an audience without being perfect in dealing with the cards. Finally before you make it before a big audience, try it out in real before a group of friends or relatives who can help you in good critics that can help you improve before the real performance.

The simplest of them is Picking the Card. You first ask a person to pick a card from the deck. Let him place it on the top of the deck. The trick here is to move the hand behind your back and keep the top card to face you. Now when you show the audience, they will be seeing the back of the deck and you can see the chosen card. Flip it back and shuffle the card. Now you can show easy pick his chosen card from the deck.

There are so many different kinds of magic card tricks known popularly by their names such as, “Four jacks”, “It’s all Aces”, “Three Friends” etc. “It’s all Aces” is a simple trick and to begin with you have to put all the four aces on top of the deck. Ask a volunteer to divide the deck into two stacks. Ask him to divide each stack into two again. Now you have four piles of cards and one of them has all four aces on top. Make sure that you note that stack. Pick a pile other than the one containing the aces and smash top three cards to the bottom. Do the same with the other piles. Put one aces on the top of each pile and once done, you can show to the audience that all four piles have aces on top.

From both these examples you might be feeling that it is very easy. But it requires immense practice and keen concentration to perform the trick without getting caught by the audience.

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